The W.C.S. News and Notes for: October 9, 2015
*1U Per Play Scale
2012-'13 NFL & CFB records are not accurate due to the health issues, multiple hospitalizations & missing out on weeks.
2013 CFB:
58-41, +1,427
2013 NFL:
14-10, +280
2012 MLB:
240-212, +35.23
2012-'13 CFB:
32-24, +8.00
*not including 2H wins
2012-'13 NFL:
10-10, -1.10
2011-'12 CFB:
124-72, +55 YTD
2011-'12 NFL:
70-50, +21 YTD
2012 WNBA:
33-17, +16.65
2011 / '12 NBA:
117-61, +52
2011 / '12 CBB:
299-173, 63%
2010-'11 CFB:
62-31, 66% +34U
2010-'11 NFL:
27-18, +18U
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Euro Cup FreePlays:
21-5, +1,825!
WillCashSports is 89-48 Overall in CFB and NFL in 2010! 283-170, +127 Last 2 Years in NFL & CFB Combined.
* 2H plays not included in records because not everybody can get them in. FWIW, 2013 CFB+NFL would be 23-11, +7.5
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2013 CFB+NFL: WillCashSports is 29-17 (63%), +1030.  We are 361-226 (61%)  Last 3 Years in NFL & CFB Combined!
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You guys and gals will see that I try my best to keep my prices low for packages. In fact, I would say they are probably some of the lowest priced packages on the net! The whole objective here is to provide top notch quality plays, because I totally understand that there are $10 and $20 bettors out there, and paying a fortune for picks is out the question for them. It just doesn't make sense, right? This is about winning and helping others win.

- Will Cashmen
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Ladies and Gents, it is good to be feeling like I might just be on my way back up as far as my health goes!  I had to take a LONG hiatus due to stuff you wouldn't even believe, guys. But I'm not going to ramble about that. What I wanted to do was drop in a message and let you know that I hoping / planning on getting things up and going on this site again SOON! If you know me, then you know that I do CFB Computer Plays and tend not to dive into those until week 3 or 4 anyway because I need enough stats. So this should work out. ALSO, if you know me, you know that I'm not too shabby in the CBB department, so I'd like to get that back off the ground.

It will be the same deal...Quality picks that will overall make money, and they are cheap to get. I WILL be releasing Computer Plays starting this Saturday! It takes a lot of work, so hopefully we can get some $$. I have been posting play on my Twitter @WillCashSports. Anyway, keep an eye out since I should be finishing up putting in the data this afternoon sometime.