Sunday, November 3rd:

3 Team - 10PT Teaser - 3 Teamer -- 2U
#407 - Titans/Rams o29
#409 - Chiefs/Bills o29.5
#415 - Buccaneers/Seahawks o31

Saturday, November 2nd:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 72-51, +1,707

2013 CFB: 58-41, +1,427
2013 NFL: 14-10, +280

Pretty rough week as I've been battling the flu or a virus, but I did get CFB computer system plays done and ready to go. We're coming off a winning week, as 4-0 Sunday NFL helped out greatly. Can't believe that ugly MNF couldn't get over a measly 32 points though! Ugh. Hopefully we can put together a nice Saturday. I still have 3 plays to finalize, but as of now there are 11 CFB plays, with a few 1/2U plays in there.

Saturday, October 12th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 46-32, +1,010

2013 CFB: 35-23, +1,020
2013 NFL: 10-9, -10

Yes, I have been working on CFB computer plays and I'm still finalizing. I don't have an exact number of how many there will be, but it's looking like quite a few. I'm trying to possibly weed out a few of them. As you can see, we dropped into the -# in the NFL. We needed the Falcons to beat the Jets, at home, by a measly 2.5 points. The Falcons with Matt Ryan were 34-5 at home since 2008. Geno Smith, a rookie QB, steps up big time after having 4 turnovers the week before and the Jets get the SU win. With Matt Ryan at QB, the Falcons had won 87% of the time at home, but not this time. Geno Smith became just the 2nd rookie QB, in the FORTY-FOUR YEARS of MNF, to go on the road and get a win. That turned a 3-1 NFL week into 1-3. That turned a Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun CFB+NFL 13-6 week into an 11-8 week. As of now, 14 of the 32 losses have been by a TD or less. I think it's time for the variance to start working in our favor now.

Btw, I realize that I've basically been a ghost this week. I'll fill you in.

Sunday, October 6th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 44-29, +1,160

2013 CFB: 35-23, +920
2013 NFL: 9-6, +240

We currently have 4 NFL Plays ready to go for today. We've had a few tough breaks in the NFL this year, but still sit at 9-6, +240. You can get Sunday NFL, MNF and Weekday NFL for just $15.00 in the NFL Package below. Or you could get Every CFB & NFL Play for the next 7 days for $29.95! For Thursday & Saturday CFB, we just went 10-5 as we are now into our computer plays.

Saturday, October 5th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 36-24, +860

2013 CFB: 27-18, +620
2013 NFL: 9-6, +240

Well snagged a 2-0 night on Thursday for CFB. The Leans went 2-1, so I'm wishing I didn't back out on those, but that's how it goes sometimes. Today kicks off the Computer Plays for CFB! However, this card isn't exactly for the faint of heart, as we're sitting with 13 CFB Plays, and a handful of Leans that just missed the card. Those who have tailed along with the computer plays already know that they tend to do rather well. They also know that sometimes there can be quite a few plays. You can read more about the 'J.A.S', named after my former mentor, on the About Us page. I'm hoping we can get off to a nice start with the system plays! If you'd like to receive the plays, then there are a few Football Packages to choose from below, and plays will be emailed to you.

Thursday, October 3rd:

1.  CFB System Play: #304 - Iowa State +7 for 1/2U = Winner

2.  CFB: UCLA/Utah u65.5 for 1/2U  = Winner

Leans to UL Monroe +7.5, WKU/ULM u49 and Cleveland Browns -3.5

Saturday, September 28th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 34-24, +760

2013 CFB: 25-18, +520
2013 NFL: 9-6, +240

Last weekend was not good. Going into last weekend, 11 of our 17 losses were by a TD or less, and a handful of those by 3 points or less. I had a bad gut feeling and then along came 'that Saturday', the one where everything seems to go wrong. We took a hit to the 63% win percentage and a pretty darn good start to the season.

Regarding this Saturday, I was primed and ready to start dishing out CFB Computer Plays. That being said, I have been sick the entire week. Apparently I picked something up from an injection that I had. I just started antibiotics yesterday. I have felt horrible all week, so no, I didn't get the stats into the computer system. It's a lengthy process, and the NCAA decided to change their stats page for 2013! The great luck just keeps on coming, eh? But I DO have some plays that I like.  And as I stated a few times on twitter: Those who purchased Packages last week, will be receiving plays at no charge, simply because I'm not happy with how things went down last weekend. Are we still up on the year? Yes.  Was it our first losing weekend for football? Yes.  Is it realistic to expect to win every weekend? No, although I've done it before.  Have I given out tons of free winning plays? Yes. I just did not like the losing weekend, and I vow to get those units back or people who purchased last weekend's package.  I tend to do things a little differently than other sites.  The plan is to get up early and check over some more plays. I will be able to pick and choose games to run through the computer system. I will go from there, and email the plays out to those who purchased Football Packages last weekend.
Saturday, September 21st:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 29-17 (63%), +1,030

2013 CFB: 22-13, +770
2013 NFL: 7-4, +260

Wasn't too pumped to see Boise have 4 TD scoring drives of 35 yards, 39 yards, 32 yards and 20 yards. Rack up another loss by 3 points. That makes 11 of the losses by a TD or less this season. Time for those to start swinging our way. Still at 63% and +1,030 none the less!

That aside, we will keep grinding away, which means onto Saturday CFB. This Saturday CFB Package has 7 Plays in it. As always, I will be looking over thigs tomorrow morning, and there is always the possibility of adding something, however, it will have to be something with pretty strong reasoning since we're already at 7 plays. We've opened the season with hitting 64% of our 45 plays. The number of bad beats so far is definitely gross, but I'm rather sure that any capper would take 29-16, 64% on their first 45 plays of the season! Now time to get this Saturday rollin'.

Friday, September 20th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 29-16, +1,085

2013 CFB: 22-12, +825
2013 NFL: 7-4, +260

Free CFB Friday: #306 - Fresno State -4 (-110) for 1/2U
Link: Analysis

So I ultimately passed on any Thursday plays, but I did tweet out that my Leans were to NC State +14 and the u65.5 in the CFB game. It more of a capper's gut read, and I like numbers to back up my plays. Anyway, we passed and both of those plays hit. It happens. I gave out a few NFL prop plays for the 2H, and also a WNBA TT play...All 3 of those hit. Pays to be on tiwtter at times. But the main reason I'm here is because I have 5 or 6 CFB Plays ready to get out, and there may very well be more included in this package. I tweeted this out last night and will repeat it here again, CFB: #311 - Western Michigan +17 (-120)  - That line moved as expected but hopefully can still snag it at a some plalces.

* 9 of our 16 losses have been by a TD or less!. Gross! Still managing 64%

Wednesday, September 18th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 29-16, +1,085

2013 CFB: 22-12, +825
2013 NFL: 7-4, +260

For today, basically the same as yesterday. Still capping games for this upcoming slate, and will be finishing up entering data in for the computer picks. I'll definitely have to closely review every computer pick for this week because some teams only have two games worth of stats. Anyway, I just came across this and wanted to share. We had Utah -3 as a play last Saturday, and I already stated that they put up 48 and lost to Oregon St in OT, which is a gross loss...BUT, I didn't know just how gross until I saw an article with a gif of the last play of the game. SO Gross! Ha. Link:

Tuesday, September 17th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 29-16, +1,085

2013 CFB: 22-12, +825
2013 NFL: 7-4, +260

Spending time capping this upcoming card. I'm kicking myself some because I leaned hard to the Bengals last night but it looked so fishy with 80% on them at -6.5. I did see the end of the game, and the Bengals were a batted near reception, turned into an interception, away from not covering. So it's not as if it was an easy cover. Regarding this last week of football, not too pumped. Weekend CFB went 6-5, +50 (because had some 1/2U  plays and 1.5U play), and 7-5, +150 if you count the Thursday night winner. Week 2 NFL went 3-2, +80. Overall: 9-7, +130. Had some gross losses in both leagues. Utah -3 putting up 48 and losing to Oregon St in OT stinks. In NFL, the Bills scoring a TD with :06 seconds left flipped a win to a loss, and a 40 point 2H OT game in Chargers/Eagles put the teased u60, over by 3. Those hurt, but that's how it goes. We now have 9 losses by a TD or less this year. Ouch. But still a nice profitable year so far, so onward!

Sunday, September 15th:

NFL Sunday. For Week 2 of the NFL we have 5 plays ready to go. Being it's my Birthday Weekend, I will be selling the 5 NFL Plays for for $8.00 dolla! I figure being 35...might as well go 3+5 to get a price.

Week 2 NFL: 3-2, +80

Saturday, September 14th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 20-9, +955

2013 CFB: 16-7
2013 NFL: 4-2

Heading into CFB Week 3 after a nice SU Winner on Texas Tech +3.5, which brought us to 20-9 (68%), +955 on the 2013 Football Season. That includes 16-7 (69%) in 2013 CFB. Well it's a big card for this Saturday. Big cards make me nervous, but I am a worrier anyway. We ended up with 11 CFB Plays for Saturday, including one bigger than normal play! There are 3 different Football Packages to select from if you're wanting to jump on board. And if there is something else that would fit you better, then please email me at and let me know! My main priority to provide quality picks that everybody can afford.

Friday, September 13th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 20-9, +955

2013 CFB: 16-7
2013 NFL: 4-2

Coming off a Thursday night Texas Tech +3.5 SU Winner. That brings us to 20-9 (68%), +955 for CFB + NFL in 2013. I have made up a few Football Package options to choose from below. The Weekly CFB + NFL is just $30, while Weekly CFB is only $15. As of right now there are 11 CFB Plays for Saturday, including a bigger than normal play! You will receive plays in your email.

Wednesday, September 11th:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 19-9, +855

2013 CFB: 15-7
2013 NFL: 4-2

Totally forgot that I had a doctor follow up yesterday, in the middle of the day. Whoops. So going ahead and putting up some Football Packages tonight. I am thinking that a few lines may change due to the ole 'Dr Bob effect', so may send out a few plays earlier in this week. Not to mention, there are some Thursday Night Games. FYI: If you think that another type of package would work better for you, then simply email me at  and let me know! My main goal is to provide quality plays that are affordable for everybody.

Tuesday, September 10:

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 19-9 (67%), +855

2013 CFB: 15-7
2013 NFL: 4-2

Started out last night with a few questions about the teams playing, and now wishing I would've just observed instead of giving out a play. We hit the first part of the teaser easily, with the Eagles/Redskins o42.5, and it was fun to watch Chip Kelly's offense. Then onto the Chargers; The team that I said always screws me. Well, they did it again. Needed the u54 and the Chargers came out throwing all over in the 2H despite being up 21-7 and even 28-7 at one point. I tweeted that it would be wise for them to run the ball, and the clock, with a lead like that in the 2H. Well they didn't, and it cost us as and them as the Texans put up 17 points in the 4thQ and came back from being 21 pts down to win the game! It was 31-28. So far this season, 6 of the 9 losses have come by a TD or less. And 5 loses by a combined total of 21! That hurts. It's also pretty gross. That being said, we are still looking at a rather nice season total, with CFB  & NFL: 19-9, +855. If you add in the 2H plays that are tweeted, the WNBA, and Props, then we are well above that total.

I WILL be adding Football Packages at some point later today! I am liking a few CFB plays in which I am thinking the line will move, so I am wanting to get those plays out earlier. I'm hoping for another nice week and then heading into CFB Computer Plays starting in week 4!

September 9th, MNF

2013 YTD CFB & MNF: 19-8, +965

2013 CFB: 15-7
2013 NFL: 4-1

Lots of questions for tonight's game. What will Philly look like on offense? What will the Redskins look like on offense due to RG3's knee? They may get away from the pistol because they're afraid that RG3 could hurt it again. As for the late game, no Arian Foster for the Texans, and I always seem to read the Chargers wrong, no matter if  I'm on them or against them. All that being said, I did send out a Teaser play for tonight. It was how I felt most comfortable. If I HAD to wager SU, I would take Philly +4 and Texans/Chargers u44. However, those are JUST LEANS. Good Luck, Guys & Gals!  : )

Lastly, I will be putting up and offering a Weekly Football Package  and a Monthly Football Pack Package, starting tomorrow. So far we are 19-8 overall, and computer system picks start Week 4 of CFB!

* (record does not include 2H plays because not everybody can get them in.
But FWIW, we would certainly be up more units IF they were counted.)

Sunday, September 8th:

I will be sending NFL plays out. Since it's the first week of NFL, I want to watch for late line moves and all of that fun stuff. I may throw out a few teasers, but we will see. 2013 NFL: 1-0

Saturday, September 7th:

2013 CFB & NFL: 10-3

I've been giving out football plays for free over twitter because I was in the hospital during the week leading up to the start of the season. So far, College Football Plays have gone 9-3, and NFL is 1-0. That's a combined 10-3 start to the season. I'll be offering a Football Package for this Weekend that will include all CFB and NFL Plays for only $12.00. At this point I have 10 CFB Plays ready to go and will confirm in the morning and email them to you if  you purchase the package. If I happen to add more, you will receive those as well!

FYI: I may be adding some Soccer Plays that you will get. Also, I archived all of the MLB and Hoops plays & their info on another page. This one was getting too full and taking too long to load.
The W.C.S. News and Notes for: November 3, 2013
*1U Per Play Scale
2012-'13 NFL & CFB records are not accurate due to the health issues, multiple hospitalizations & missing out on weeks.
2013 CFB:
58-41, +1,427
2013 NFL:
14-10, +280
2012 MLB:
240-212, +35.23
2012-'13 CFB:
32-24, +8.00
*not including 2H wins
2012-'13 NFL:
10-10, -1.10
2011-'12 CFB:
124-72, +55 YTD
2011-'12 NFL:
70-50, +21 YTD
2012 WNBA:
33-17, +16.65
2011 / '12 NBA:
117-61, +52
2011 / '12 CBB:
299-173, 63%
2010-'11 CFB:
62-31, 66% +34U
2010-'11 NFL:
27-18, +18U
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Euro Cup FreePlays:
21-5, +1,825!
WillCashSports is 89-48 Overall in CFB and NFL in 2010! 283-170, +127 Last 2 Years in NFL & CFB Combined.
* 2H plays not included in records because not everybody can get them in. FWIW, 2013 CFB+NFL would be 23-11, +7.5
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All CFB + NFL Plays for an entire Week. Every Weekday AND Saturday & Sunday.
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*Easily the best deal & biggest price saver.
2013 CFB+NFL: WillCashSports is 29-17 (63%), +1030.  We are 361-226 (61%)  Last 3 Years in NFL & CFB Combined!
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